Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This I Believe

That, with prayer, what is meant for you will not pass you by. Today at a mall in Kuala Lumpur, I saw a woman with a long, beautiful, elegant, dress and thought, I must get that for when I return to the U.S. But the woman was a few feet away and I was too busy with the boys to stop and ask where she got the dress from.

As she walked away with her friend, I said, "If it's meant for me, O Allah, please let me see her again to ask." I wasn't really counting on it, and it wasn't really a big deal, it was only a dress...but it was perfect for me. Two hours later, I went to the food court and decided to sit way in the back near the window so Yahya could have a nice view of the trains go by. It wasn't our usual seat. Normally we sit in the front.

About 10 minutes into our meal, I hear women friends chatting and laughing behind me. I turn around, and there is the woman! And this was no small mall, swarming with thousands of people.

She told me where to buy the dress online, zleqha.blogspot.com. Now I have to find the exact dress (though she has some other cool stuff on there), and figure out how to buy it. No job in KL!


  1. Salaams sis,

    What a wonderful message, a good example of how Islam is real. We have live this life and apply the principals in everything we do. Even in something as practical as a desire for a dress. That is something that not only women can relate to but every believer. Love you Miss you!

  2. Also,

    I checked out the blog. The clothes are Hot. We might have to feature this designer in AZIZAH.


  3. Azizah, I think you should definitely feature in AZIZAH! Your comment about applying faith in everything that we do reminds me of the Chapter Jonah in the Qur'an where it states, "In whatever matter you may be engaged and whatever part of the Qur'an you are reciting, whatever work you are doing, We witness you when you are engaged in it. Not even the weight of a speck of dust in the earth or sky escapes your Lord, nor anything lesser or greater: it is all written in a clear record" (10:61). Love and miss you too.

  4. Dr. Jamillah, I appreciate your commitment to your faith but you are factually incorrect when you refer to Taj Mahal as a symbol of love and religious harmony. Here is the truth behind Taj Mahal:
    The later Mughal emperors like Aurangzeb levied jizya, razed Hindu temples and executed Sikh gurus.

  5. Dear Aisha,

    I'm not so sure about this P.N. Oak professor whom you base your assessment that I am factually incorrect. If you do a quick wikipedia search, it says that he's been rejected by academia and he also claims that the Ka'ba was once a Hindu temple.

  6. I loved the fashions on zLeqha. I just e-mailed them to ask if they deliver to the U.S.

  7. Salam Tazar,

    That reminds me to email zleqha about the dress I want. They are not in KL but in another city in Malaysia so I have to order mine as well. Here's the photo of the dress I saw the woman wearing: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_ckZyJ_CDVQU/S3KeazAsjKI/AAAAAAAAAU8/4G5E1FuBVN0/s1600-h/ZL_06.jpg

  8. I have contacting this clothing company. Never got a response. Has anyone found out if we can purchase in USA or have delivered in the USA?