Saturday, March 22, 2014

Celebrating My Book with an NYU Press Blog Post: "Muslim Women's Dress"

Jessica Muhammad
Three years ago I told you about a new book I was writing with Dawn-Marie Gibson, a scholar of the Nation of Islam in the UK. We completed the book last week (due out in July). That same week, I wrote a short piece for Women's History Month for the NYU Press blog: "Muslim Women's Dress, a Tool of Liberation." It gives you a tiny taste of what's to come. The woman pictured in the NYU Press blog is Jessica Muhammad, one of my amazing community mothers featured in the book and a talk that I am giving next week at Harvard. Thanks to everyone for their prayers, support, and assistance.

Speaking at Harvard

Almost two years ago I gave a talk at Harvard featuring Sandra El-Amin, the amazing teacher (and later director) at Mohammed Schools who in many ways trained me to do what I do. I return to Harvard on March 26, 2014 to again share fascinating narratives of women currently and formerly in the Nation of Islam. This time Jessica Muhammad, another one of my beautiful community mothers, will be among the women highlighted. I also feature Jessica in an NYU Press blog post.